State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG)

Driving the development of Thuringia's technology and business environment - that's what the State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG) does.

It prepares the proverbial ground for companies with jobs, manages international relations, leverages technology opportunities and renders them usable, creates attractive places to live and improves the quality of life for Thuringia's residents, entrepreneurs and skilled workers. As an economic development agency, LEG markets Thuringia, drives technology and innovation transfer, supports the recruitment of skilled workers and provides all-in-one services to attract investors to this region in Europe's heartland.

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Invest in Thuringia

As Thuringia's regional development agency, LEG engages in regional marketing and attracts new investors from Germany and abroad. Our website contains the latest news on Thuringia's business environment and detailed information about key site factors such as:

  • Location and infrastructure
  • Industries
  • Research and technology
  • Education
  • Life in Thuringia

You can also look up all our services:

  • International relations
  • Technology management
  • Incentives consulting
  • Commercial, research and production space databases

Find out what we and Thuringia have to offer you.

 Invest in Thuringia

 Market Champions

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Thüringia International

Thuringia International (TI) is the central point of contact for moving into emerging and growth markets worldwide. Featuring a comprehensive range of services, TI is the partner Thuringian companies and clusters can rely on when entering the global market place.

The Coordinating Office for Transnational and Inter-Regional Activities (TNA) plays an important role, promoting cooperation between businesses and institutions in Thuringia and partners from regions in the EU and EFTA states.


Hans-Jörg Hoffmann
International Relations Team Leader
New Business, Technology and International Relations
Phone +49 (0)361 5603 478
Fax +49 (0)361 5603 328

 Thuringia International

 EU-Cooperation - Thuringian Coordination Office TNA

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Thuringian ClusterManagement

The Thuringian ClusterManagement (ThCM) promotes the development of clusters in the strategic growth sectors of the State of Thuringia. ThCM contributes to systematically unlock the potential that these growth sectors and key industries have. For this purpose, it gets the relevant players together, initiates and coordinates the drafting of development concepts (road maps) and accompanies and supports their implementation. In addition, it increasingly raises EU and Federal funds in order to enlarge the opportunities for the further development of growth sectors and to facilitate concrete action plans. Besides latest news and upcoming events, our web site contains complete portraits of the Thuringian growth sectors and key industries with information about their profile, networks, projects, companies and research institutions. Tips about the general research infrastructure, financial incentive consulting and a link to our company and technology database complement our online services.

 Thüringer ClusterManagement

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HR Consultancy

The Thuringian Government sets new course in its efforts to secure the availability of skilled staff.

The ThAFF contributes to keeping highly qualified people in Thuringia and to recruiting them for Thuringia. The motto is: "Market Champions thrive on innovative minds". The focus of the ThAFF's activities is on marketing for Thuringia as a location for learning, studying and working. With the needs of the Thuringian companies in mind, the ThAFF targets skilled persons and accompanies them to the appropriate job. In addition, the ThAFF is about to bundle already existing services for securing the availability of skilled employees and to better communicate them to the target groups. Within their networking activities, the ThAFF will - together with strategic partners - deal with relevant topics being important for keeping qualified people in the region or for recruiting them. These are questions such as the balance between family and career or health management.

Contact ThAFF Thüringen

Central Project Management
Mainzerhofstrasse 12
99084 Erfurt, Germany
Phone +49 (0)361 5603 520
Fax +49 (0)361 5603 330

 Thüringer Agentur für Fachkräftegewinnung (ThAFF)

 Welcome Center Thuringia

 Thüringer Servicestelle Beruf und Familie

 Firmenkontaktmesse "academix Thüringen"

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Real Estate

LEG offers a full range of high-quality real estate services. It sells and rents a large volume of space and buildings. Its portfolio is broad and deep, ranging from apartments and factories to building land, trade and industrial facilities and agricultural and forestry land.


LEG Thüringen
Mainzerhofstrasse 12
99084 Erfurt, Germany
Real Estate
Phone +49 (0)361 5603 560
Fax +49(0)361 5603 324

 Immobilien in Thüringen




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Site Management

LEG's sophisticated site management organization drives the transformation of former industrial or military areas into attractive business sites. It also builds new sites as needed, such as campuses for large relocating firms.


Mainzerhofstrasse 12
99084 Erfurt, Germany
Site Management Industry, Trades and Conversion
Phone. +49 (0)361 5603 170
Fax +49 (0)361 5603 335

 Standortmanagement Thüringen

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Energy & Green-Tech-Agency (ThEGA)

Thuringia is set to become Germany's "green engine" - and GreenTech its catalyst. The Thuringian Ministry of Economy, Labor and Technology is paving the way for an ecological industrial policy. To further this goal, the "Thuringia - GreenTech" program and the Thuringian Energy and GreenTech Agency - ThEGA for short - have been created. As a central institution, ThEGA is tasked with ensuring that industrial, energy and resource policies are in line with the goals of industry and municipalities, thus lending efficient support to the ecological modernization of Thuringia.

As a competence, consulting and information center, ThEGA provides information services to companies, research and education outfits, municipalities and administrative bodies as well as private consumers, with special emphasis on issues relating to

  • renewable energy
  • energy efficiency
  • sustainable mobility
  • resource efficiency

 Thüringer Energie- und GreenTech-Agentur (ThEGA)

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Urban & Regional Development

The Broadband Competence Center set up at the State Development Corporation is working to achieve basic coverage with fast Internet access over as much of the region as possible.


LEG Thüringen
Mainzerhofstrasse 12
99084 Erfurt, Germany
Urban and Regional Development
Phone +49 (0)361 5603 230
Fax +49 (0)361 5603 336

Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung in Thüringen

Brachflächenkataster der LEG Thüringen

Breitbandinititative "Thüringen Online"

ICE-City Erfurt

Erfurt Brühl

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